Welcome to Eric Lovelace Marketing, Your Ready???


Hi and welcome to Eric Lovelace Marketing. I am soo glad you could make it.

If you haven’t already guessed, I am that guy just above this text in the red DAMN I look good.

Haha, anyway I just wanted to welcome you and congratulate you on taking your next steps in becoming a free person of the rat race. Oh you don’t know the rat race? Let me explain

We go through life growing up and being raised on the life plan of; going to school, get a degree, establish a career, and then when it comes close to retirement, we collect our pension and be about our marry way living the life we always wanted but had to wait to retire to enjoy. Seems nice doesn’t it?

Well sorry to say but those days are LONG gone. Nowadays you have the masses facing unemployment, people losing it all, and a bot so bright future.

I began to realize this back in 2008 when I worked for a bank as a supervisor, and saw week after week the unemployment line growing by the day as well as seeing the customers I use to help daily moods shift from terrible to desperate. It was at that moment I realized that the people I saw with jobs, or lack there of, were not truly happy doing what they wanted to do but instead were just “going with the flow” because you may want to stop working, but that doesn’t mean the bills are going to stop. Then you had the business owner, came in whenever they felt like; carefree, dressed the way the way they wanted to, went where ever they pleased, and nobody could tell them different. I wanted that, the freedom. That’s where it all began.

Fast forward to today, and thousands spent chasing the IM lifestyle. I finally broke the code. This year alone I have released 5 products, working on number 6 as I write this, made a multitude of deep connections within the business, provided a life for my beautiful wife she enjoys, but mostly I achieved the freedom I always wanted.

That’s where you come in. I want to help guide you in the right direction push you to your limits and have you achieve goals you never thought possible, so stick around and watch this space. Because you are going to be blown away.

-Eric”The Las Vegas Ninja”Lovelace
P.S. Oh the nickname you ask, I got that from being a native of Las Vegas, and I have speedy fingers ;)


Updated: November 13, 2014 — 7:48 pm

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